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Prayer Requests

Please, if you have any prayers you need prayed for you can send them here. This gets to our whole team. We look forward to praying for you and your request.

Updated April 2024

Our Church * Amy Beard * Trevor Brooks (RL) * Rosemary Mix* Gayle Blankenship -Cordero (Jana’s sister) * Jacqueline Fosnot (MR) * Wayne Avery * Stacey Schultz (SM)* Amanda Hochstetler (SB) * Rhonda Goforth’s Family * Dennis Loughmiller * Bret Taylor (Sharon Shep- herd’s son) * Mary Lee Mahan (TH) * Everett Bramer * Leah (Wendi’s Boss) * Sherry Wells (Denise S. Sister) * Doris Alexander * Laura DeKorte * Ray Martin’s Family * Ed Goerlitz (DS) *Daisy Howland * Peggy Ortensi’s Family * Steve Moore’s Family * Jeremy Overton’s Family * Ronnie Sifers * Don & Janet DeKorte