Current Prayer Requests
Updated March 2021

Our Church * Amy Beard’s Family *  Bennie & Jane Lucas * Betty Herrick’s Family *  Steve Moore (Carolyn’s  Nephew) * Andrew Haven * Sharon DeMarco * James Alexander  *  Trevor Brooks (RL) * Clarence Martin *  Mallory Foote (Andy) * Nathan Walls* Ray & Debbie   Martin * Shirley Waggener * Charlie Schnarr (AB) * Robin Lucas * Gayle Blankenship-Cordero (Jana’s sister) *Doris Alexander * Jacqueline Fosnot (MR)*

Families dealing with Cancer:

 Vanessa Mattingly (RF)*  Crangston Collings (Mike Popplewell) * Chris Goforth (Jeff’s brother) * David Spurrier (LT) * Nancy Bramer

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